ILLINOIS:  Not over the moon, maybe? We learn that a man was arrested for mooning his neighbors, apparently in anger at being told to stop mowing yards that weren’t his. Bradley Hayes, 42, received disorderly-conduct charges for pulling down his pants when residents confronted him. The act caused “multiple neighbors to be alarmed and disturbed,” according to a police report.   

AUSTRIA: He was fined for farting…  A  parkgoer was penalized several hundred dollars for passing gas at police officers in Vienna. The unidentified gassy guy allegedly stood up from a bench in mid-June and broke “with full intent,” according to police spokesman, who added, Our colleagues don’t like to be farted at so much.” The man was fined $565 for “offending public decency… OH POOT!     

 TEXAS: An attorney with egg on his face. We learn that a prominent attorney got himself into hot water for allegedly egging a judge’s car in an act of retribution over a stay-at-home order, he said.  Eric Yollick, who works in The Woodlands, admitted to tossing an egg at County Judge Mark Keough’s Lexus. Nevertheless, he pleaded not guilty to criminal mischief. 

NORTH DAKOTA: It wasn’t the coronavirus that killed her it was sunflower seeds? On a Wednesday in early June 2020, a woman drowned in a giant vat of sunflower seeds when she lost her footing and was sucked inside the grain bin, authorities reported. The Montpelier woman, 56, whose name wasn’t revealed, died at the Glinz Farm in Pingree, where she had been helping unload seeds from two trucks. Workers cut holes in the bin to save her, to no avail. She was finally found, but pronounced dead at the scene.  

THAILAND: Could such harsh punishment be a bit fishy” The owners of a seafood restaurant were sentenced to 700 years in prison  in June 2020 for a promotional scam. The two men  who ran the Laemgate Infinite in Bangkok, were arrested for defrauding hundreds of customers in a scheme that offered them fake vouchers for low-priced food. “We believe the pair will get a few centuries off for good behavior,” prosecutors said.     

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