NEW YORK:  Two Capitol riot Turncoats arrested… A Montana man accused of  pushing a metal police barricade into police during the Capitol riot flew to Kenya in January 2021. Isaac Sturgeon, 32, who owns a lawn-care business in Dillon Montana. On January 16, 2020, FBI posted a video showing Sturgeon and asked the public to help identifying him. Subsequently, two tipsters called authorities who identified him. On January 24, 2021he flew to Kenya and was not due to return until April 5 – however Kenyan authorities had him deported after the feds dropped and arrest warrant for him. FBI agents greeted him on March 6, when he landed at JFK Airport. At his first court hearing in federal court,  it was revealed that he faces seven counts of obstructing of justice, disorderly and other charges. In the same week Robert Minuta, 36, was arrested at the tattoo shop he owns in Newburgh and was hit with several federal charges for his alleged involvement in the January 6 riot. Both men were released on bond.

NEW YORK: Yet another turncoat rioter arrested. A former NYPD police officer once assigned to guard City Hall was arrested for allegedly beating a police officer with a pole at the January 6 Capitol riot, prosecutors and police sources said in late-February 2021. Thomas Webster, 54, a 20-year NYPD turned himself in to the FBI and made an initial court appearance in White Plains federal court. At the hearing it was revealed on video that Webster was  shown beating a D.C. Metropolitan Police officer with a flag pole during the riot at the Capitol. Webster was seething with rage and was calling the police officer a number of nasty names. Judge Andrew Krause ordered Webster to remain behind bars pending his trial. He faces a slew of charges for his role in the riot. His defense attorney argued the  ex-cop had traveled  to the Capitol that day to participate in a pro-Trump protest.

WASHINGTON, D. C.: A Turncoat State Department aide stormed the Capitol. We learned in early March 2021 that a political appointee of President Trump was arrested on charges he stormed the US Capitol on January 6 and assaulted an officer with a weapon, marking it the first  arrest of a Trump official in connection with the insurrection. Federico Guillermo Klein, a former State Department official, made his initial court appearance in early March. Prosecutors said they would seek to jail him pending trial. Court papers detail Klein’s conduct throughout the siege of the Capitol, including his apparent actions from using  a police shield to try to pry open a door and calling the crowd for more reinforcements from the crowd. Klein’s arrest is the most direct link between the Trump administration and the rioters, despite attempts by some conservatives  to dissociate the insurrection from the former president. Klein had a top-secret security clearance. After the insurrection Klein continued working in the State Department until January 19, when he resigned the day before President Biden’s inauguration.

GEORGIA: Yet another Turncoat! It was reported in early April 2021, that a Georgia man accused of beating police with a crutch and stomping on officer after the officer was down during the Capitol riot on January 6 is one of five rioters facing a raft of felony charges in the insurrection. Jack Wade Whitton, Jr.,30, a fencing contractor from Locust Grove was the last of the five taken into custody when he was arrested at the end of March 2021. Videos released by the Justice Department revealed scenes of fighting between rioters and police. As the crowd chants “Fight for Trump!” a man authorities say is Whitton reaches over the  police barricade with a crutch to jab officers trying to protect the Capitol. Another video shows him punching an officer, then grabbing him and dragging him into the crowd. Finally, another video taken from an officer’s body camera, appears to show Whitton stomping the officer from above.

UTAH: Another Turncoat who should have known better! We learn that a former Salt Lake City police Officer of the Year has been charged with participating in the January 6 Capitol riot. FBI agents took Michael Lee Hardin,50, of the town of Kaysville into custody in late-March 2021. FBI agents allegedly nailed Hardin through tips from two of his friends. One provided texts in which Hardin said he was inside the Capitol and declared Donald Trump “rightful President,” authorities said. The other provided a photo of Hardin inside the Capitol building. Hardin was named Officer of the Year in 2012 for solving a 26-year-old murder cold case of a 20-year-old woman.


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