As we approach Halloween, we decided to look for a patent with the best-invented Halloween mask. Our research retrieved the US patent number US6035447, filed in February 1998 by Ben M. Hsia. The Halloween mask has an automatic flash device to provide continuous flashing light at any desired position on the show to increase the sense of reality for the front and enhance the safety of the wearer.

Key elements of the Invention

A Halloween mask with flash device, which not only can increase the attractive effect and the sense of reality for the mask but also can enhance the safety of the wearer by calling the attention and awareness of the vehicle drivers near the wearer, includes a hollow mask body and at least a flash device.

Credits: Google Patents

The hollow mask body, which is made of resilient material, is punctured with a plurality of apertures at predetermined positions.

The flash device includes a base housing having an upper chamber and a lower cavity, a flashing unit being received in the upper chamber, a predetermined number of button cell being received in the lower cavity and electrically connected with the flashing unit, a cell cover head detachably connected to a bottom end of the base housing so as to cover the lower cavity and the button cell therein, and a lens member affixed on top of the base housing so as to cover the upper chamber and the flashing unit therein.

A neck portion is defined on the base housing between the lens member and the cell cover head, so that the flash device can be mounted on the mask body by positioning the neck portion at the corresponding aperture on the mask body while the lens member and the cell cover head respectively propping against an exterior surface and an interior surface of the mask body so as to hold the flash device in position