Survivor’s guilt is a real emotion. Those of you who have lost someone special will understand. Diane and I have both experienced the death of a spouse. If you haven’t I sincerely hope you never do. If you have, don’t close yourself off to living. Expect, however, to wonder occasionally at the randomness of fate.

He was alive.
He felt the breeze in his face,
when he walked to his car.
He heard the hum of the engine,
when he turned the key in the ignition.
It came to life, and
he felt the rumble of the metal gears.
He touched the steering column gently,
and eased into the street,
brick pavers under the wheels,
and headed towards his destination.
Schoolchildren rushed across his path,
and he waved to the street crossing guard,
blowing a kiss to her
as he did every day.
He was thankful for another sunrise.
He was thankful for another day.
He was secure in the knowledge
that the moment was his,
to do with as he wished,
without fear
or favor.
When the workday ended,
he asked himself the question
that had haunted him
for a long while.
Why did he get another day?
Why did he get to see the sun?
Why did he get to live and breathe?
Why did he get to ask the questions?
Why did he get to wonder why
she didn’t? .Rick pensive image.remini-enhanced (2)