Beyond SEO – Demand Increases For Real Content By Real People. Kevin O’Keefe is my guru and teacher. He taught me how to blog in 2005, and I have never looked back. I have posted real content by a real person (me), for almost 20 years every day unless I was being operated on and under general anesthesia; and I started blogging again as soon as I came to. He taught me that people want to talk to real people, and don’t want to be gamed by Search Engine Optimization tricks. There is only one way to build an audience, and that is one post at a time. Just like acting, sometimes you can labor in the wilderness for years, and suddenly be “discovered”. So, lawyers, read O’Keefe. Follow his example. Check out his LexBlog site for help beginning a blog. He will point you in the right direction, and will even host it for you. But, you have to do the heavy lifting. Write a post. Then, write another. Then, do it every day, or every few days. One day you will wake up, and people will be calling you an expert.