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The reported severe turbulence incident on Singapore Airlines that occurred over Malaysia on a flight from London to Singapore and resulted in a death and multiple serious injuries to 71 passengers is a cautionary tale for passengers and airlines alike. Compensation for those physically injured may be available, particularly by such events on international flights.

Personal data is intimately connected to privacy (art 8, ECHR) but is regulated by specific data protection regimes, such as the UK GDPR. Attention-grabbing legal issues arising out of Big Data dominate the public discourse around data protection: can generative AI use datasets without breaching intellectual property laws; how should the NHS use its mass

The head of Tunisia’s bar association decried an “abuse of power” on Tuesday after police raided the association’s headquarters and arrested two lawyers. Tunisian police stormed the headquarters of the bar association on Saturday and arrested Sonia Dahmani, a lawyer who had been critical of strongman President Kais Saied. Ils ont volés l’avenir des Tunisiens. Courage

A Tunisian lawyers association on Sunday called for a nationwide strike after hooded police raided Tunisia’s bar association headquarters and arrested a prominent lawyer as authorities escalated a broad government crackdown that has ensnared political dissidents, non-governmental organizations and Black migrants.  Sonia Dahmani, a prominent critic of the government, was arrested Saturday night after making

Civil society groups have expressed grave concern and alarm after military whistleblower David McBride was sentenced to almost six years’ imprisonment in the ACT Supreme Court on Tuesday.  McBride leaked documents to the ABC that formed the basis for the broadcaster’s landmark Afghan Files reporting, which showed credible evidence of war crimes committed by Australian forces

Tunisian police stormed the bar association’s headquarters for the second time in two days and arrested a lawyer, witnesses said on Monday, after detaining two journalists as well as another lawyer critical of the president over the weekend. A live broadcast on media website TUNMEDIA showed videos of broken glass doors and toppled chairs while

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This week Israel began military operations in Rafah, a town at the south of the Gaza strip where 1.4 million displaced Palestinians are sheltering. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the military offence was necessary to secure the return of Israeli hostages and eliminate Hamas: “military pressure on Hamas is an essential