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At the turn of the century, I worked at the American Bar Association. We had successfully evaded the Y2K turmoil, dot-com was ascendant, and legal technology was having a bit of a boom. There seemed to be lots of emerging companies (until the dot com bubble burst) and the market was

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One of the things that first drew me to WordPress back in 2012 was that it was a lot of small pieces. Once you installed the core content management system, you could extend and enhance it with a huge array of plugins. It is probably one of the reason that so

Next up in our queue of graduating Law Dawgs is Chance. His people are 3Ls Maggie Carr and Megan Cherry. This handsome and active boy likes kayaking, swimming, running, tearing up stuffed animals, eating ice, playing with his roommates and snuggling on the couch!

All members of the Law School Community (students, faculty, staff) are

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I updated our governance board last month on our last awareness campaign. We have been placing marketing ads on public transit across the county. The idea was that we needed to bolster awareness post-lockdown. I struggle with the purpose of marketing, because I think it tends to be very woolly in

Throughout April and May, we’ll be celebrating our graduating Law Dawgs!

First up is Sydney Parish’s Roxy, an English bulldog who loves watching the Dawgs, chasing her ball around the house, and meeting new people! Roxy was born in October 2022, just in time to see the Dawgs win their second consecutive national championship! 


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One topic that my mind cycles back to on a regular basis is incremental income for law libraries. Each of our law libraries has different opportunities to create incremental revenue and I think we have already tapped out the obvious sources: photocopiers, document delivery, and so on. Any time a new