by: Afam OkekeOn May 1, 2024, the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (“CARU”) of the Better Business Bureau issued a Compliance Warning to clarify that its Advertising and Privacy Guidelines apply to the use of artificial intelligence (“AI”).  The compliance warning also came with a reminder that CARU will strictly enforce its guidelines in connection

37 passengers of Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 are seeking to add claims to a lawsuit involving the door plug that blew out mid-flight on January 5, 2024.  The proposed complaint alleges that Boeing defrauded the FAA, the Department of Justice, and the public with false promises to overhaul the company’s safety culture and quality control. 

April is Autism Acceptance Month.  The month reflects a commitment in supporting individuals on the autism spectrum.  It highlights society’s dedication to improving the need for a more inclusive and accepting society.  To honor the month, we provide a parent’s excerpted perspective to give some understanding as to what it is like to parent a

What is a Trademark?
A trademark can be any mark representing words, phrases, symbols, designs, or a combination of these that identifies your goods or services. In practice, the most common trademarks are business names and logos. Trademarks accomplish several objectives. They (1) identify the source of your goods or services; (2) provide additional legal

InfoLawGroup LLP continues to grow and today and we could not be more thrilled to share the newest addition to our team, Joe Brennan, who joins the firm as Partner. Joe brings more than 25 years of experience in privacy and technology law. He served in diverse roles including positions in law firms, as in-house