What is The American Legal Blogger?

The American Legal Blogger is an innovative platform that unites legal bloggers from across the United States, initiated by the ABA Journal alongside LexBlog. This network is designed to amplify the voices of legal practitioners, offering them a broader audience and enhancing their professional reputation. It acts as a hub where legal experts can share their insights, contributing to a deeper public understanding of legal matters. In short, The American Legal Blogger enables legal professionals to broaden the visibility of their existing blogs, creating a collaborative environment where legal knowledge flourishes. Readers benefit from a wealth of perspectives on the evolving legal landscape, courtesy of contributors deeply embedded in the legal field.

How Does it Work?

The American Legal Blogger features an extensive collection of blog posts on a wide range of legal subjects and practice areas. It includes detailed profiles for each author, firm, and blog, organized into categories and archives for streamlined navigation. Upon joining The American Legal Blogger, contributors’ posts are directly fed into the platform via an RSS feed, allowing their content to be showcased alongside other esteemed legal blogs.

What is LexBlog?

LexBlog is a leading provider of legal blogging solutions, supporting over 25,000 legal bloggers worldwide through the LexBlog Platform. The company specializes in developing custom blogging initiatives for legal professionals and organizations, aimed at enhancing online engagement and reach. The American Legal Blogger network, specifically crafted by LexBlog for the ABA Journal, is optimized for mobile and social media interactions, enabling participants to effectively promote their expertise and content.

Why Should I Participate?

The legal blogging landscape is rich and varied, with many professionals already sharing valuable insights on their own platforms. The American Legal Blogger aggregates these diverse voices into a single, accessible online venue, elevating the visibility of individual bloggers and fostering a dynamic legal blogging community. Participation offers enhanced exposure, opportunities for networking, and the chance to contribute to an authoritative resource for legal insights.

Is My Blog Eligible for Inclusion?

Your blog’s inclusion in The American Legal Blogger is subject to our Editorial Policy, ensuring that all content is informative, relevant, and meets our quality standards. Eligibility hinges on having an RSS feed and satisfying technical requirements. LexBlog is available to assist potential contributors in meeting these criteria.

How Do I Sign Up?

Interested bloggers can submit their blogs through a designated online form. Submissions undergo a review process to verify technical compliance and content suitability. Approved blogs will be integrated into The American Legal Blogger, with new posts automatically updated through RSS feeds.

How Can I Improve My Blog’s Visibility?

Visibility within The American Legal Blogger is equitable, but strategic positioning and inclusion in our email digest can further highlight your blog. Regular contributions of significant, timely legal content are more likely to be featured prominently. Utilizing visuals, optimizing post titles, and adhering to recommended content lengths can also attract more readers to your blog.

Why Was My Blog Removed?The ABA Journal and LexBlog reserve the right to remove any content from The American Legal Blogger at its discretion. Typically, removals are due to non-compliance with our content standards or inclusion criteria.

Who Can I Contact for More Information?

For General Inquiries & Technical Support: Reach out to the LexBlog Success Team at success@lexblog.com.