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This week multiple UN institutions responded to the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Gaza. The UN Security Council passed a resolution, with the USA abstaining, demanding “an immediate ceasefire for the month of Ramadan…leading to a lasting sustainable ceasefire” and the release of all Israeli hostages taken by Hamas during the 07

Brook House Immigration Removal Centre

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On Tuesday the government published its response to the public inquiry into Brook House Immigration Removal Centre. The inquiry was a response to a 2017 investigative documentary, which included footage of staff abusing detained people. The inquiry’s report was published on 19 September 2023. In its

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The Government has announced a new definition of extremism. Michael Gove, communities secretary, told ministers on Thursday that they should not interact with any groups labelled as extremist or that do not maintain ‘public confidence in government’. While the former definition encompassed ‘vocal or active opposition’, the new definition refers to the

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The government has suffered defeats in the House of Lords, as the peers voted through ten amendments to the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill. The amendments included:

  • Requiring the bill to maintain full compliance with domestic and international law
  • Ensuring that Rwanda is only considered a safe county “when