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 I consulted on a case where one of the possible witnesses
was an individual in a highly respected line of work. This person had been
involved in criminal activity some 30 years ago, but in the years since had
made a wonderful turn-around, and was a veritable pillar of the community,
loved and respected.The

courts are lenient with the amount of time allotted for a trial, some are not.
It certainly can seem impossible, sometimes, to jam the amount of evidence and
testimony you have in the number of hours permitted.And yet,
as is so often true of many things in life “Less is more.”On being

spend hours, if not days, honing your opening, crafting your expert examination
questions, drilling down your closing arguments.As
well you should, for there’s nothing like diligent preparation to ensure solid
trial work. However, as important as your preparation is, how the jurors are
going to receive the result of all that intense prep

 How many times in your youth, were
you told by a benevolent, or at the very least, good-hearted, coach or teacher,
“There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” You’ve probably said that very
phrase to your children as well. And yet, when jurors ask during
deliberations to have something explained to them or ask

When the jurors troop into the jury room for deliberations,
every litigator’s dream is that each of them would, individually, spout your
case theme/key points so that group consensus in your favor is inevitable.

But how do you get them to do that? By presenting a targeted,
credible and compelling case. That’s a given. In