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Are you ready to showcase how you shine in Legal Project Management?

Announcing the IILPM Annual Global Awards!

These prestigious awards celebrate outstanding achievements in Legal Project Management (LPM) and Legal Process Improvement (LPI). We’re on a quest to continue to honor trailblazers who’ve harnessed LPM and LPI principles to raise the bar in legal

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Project Management (LPM) for Legal Department Professionals course offered by, the premier training organization for soft skills in the legal industry. Designed to teach practical skills relevant to real-time projects, this program delivers immediate results. The course uses hypothetical situations to teach concepts, and then requires students to complete a weekly

Hear Aileen Leventon on a podcast sponsored by Litera, in which David Curle interviews her about one of the key themes from this year’s The Changing Lawyer report, the growing importance of allied professionals in fields like technology, project management, and data analysis in the legal profession.

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CLOC recently announced the publication of version 2.0 of the Matter Lifecycle Management (MLM) Guide. Using proven project management principles geared to the way lawyers handle legal matters, this eBook provides insight into the workflows and templates that support matter management best practices. Developed specifically to address the needs of the legal department and the