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The use of technology to automate manual, repetitive tasks can be a game-changer for finance professionals. Typically, a significant portion of time is spent on manual data entry and reconciliation tasks, which not only takes away from the time available for more strategic tasks but also allows for the risk of errors and inefficiencies in

Complex manual workflows are time-consuming and full of errors, slowing down the whole procurement pipeline. Delays caused by constantly sending documents back and forth, miscommunications and unnecessary spending are some of the top challenges faced by procurement teams. 
This makes procurement automation more important than ever.
How does using AUTTO automation the procurement process? 

As technology advances, many businesses may find they need help to keep up with their competition. To safeguard your business from falling behind, embracing digital transformation and understanding how it can benefit your organisation is essential.  
So, what does this involve? Digital transformation is using digital technologies to fundamentally change how an organisation operates and

“Where are we with that approval?
I sent an email, did you check it?
Can you forward me the document again?”
These are common quotes to hear in any organisation. Workflows that are handled manually over email create a lot of confusion. It’s hard to know where things stand and what needs to happen next.

Onboarding is a key HR process that lays the foundation for a successful long-term employment relationship. Yet few organisations do it well. According to Gallup, just 12% of employees believe that their organisation does a great job of onboarding its new hires. 
This statistic shouldn’t be taken lightly for employers, as poor onboarding experiences can

All businesses want to deliver products and services to market faster, provide better customer experiences and achieve memorable business results. Unfortunately, most traditional organisations find themselves stymied by siloed processes that prevent resources and information from being shared among departments and teams. Documents get lost, handwritten notes are misread and paperwork is incomplete, among other

Lawyers have enough legal work on their hands without needing to juggle the business side of their practices too. Yet, for too many of us, 23% of our work involves mundane tasks like creating contracts, producing monthly newsletters and drafting, adjusting and approving notes for billing.
New lawyers tend to ask themselves questions that include

Legal document automation is a boon for law firms, paralegals, and even consumers of legal services. In the past, lawyers spent a lot of hours creating and managing legal documents. But with the invention of legal document automation tools, lawyers can now free up their schedules and focus on key business areas.
An in-house lawyer

How your business can survive (and even thrive) through digital transformation?
Digital transformation (DX) is currently the single most important force in business and innovation.  Leveraging its 13,000 agencies-strong network, DesignRush reported that companies with digital-first strategies are 64% more likely to achieve their business goals than competitors and to succeed in the Future of