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Companies or Individuals must consult major and best corporate lawyers in Nigeria who are experienced and accredited Trademark Agents with Federal Ministry of Trade & Investment in Nigeria for registration of Trademark, patent right and copyright. The business owners or individuals must instruct knowledgeable corporate lawyer vast in all matters relating to registration of trademarks,

Business and corporate world in Nigeria both Private and Public Companies Limited by shares and others are regulated by the Companies & Allied Matters Act. Specifically, section 7 of the Act empowers the Commission to administer the Act including the regulation and supervision of formation, incorporation, registration, management and winding up of companies and businesses

Law is a tool for positive change.  In a recent United Nation’s worldwide assessment of environmental rule of law, the report shows that environmental laws have grown impressively globally over the years and people have come to appreciate the vital connections between the environment, economic growth, public health, social cohesion, security and business.
Consequently, irrespective

The present-day top lawyers in Nigeria and the evolution of artificial intelligence as a disruptive best law technology, and new technologies application solutions to education, engineering, finance, natural science, medicine, automotive, defense, agriculture, art, energy automation and mostly Law has created threat and fear that machines will soon take over all the traditional work of

Financial technology (Fintech) is simply defined as the creative and innovative technology of providing financial services through electronic means by way of mobile banking, smart phones, investment services, digital transaction, crypto currency, virtual money and others against the regular and traditional banking institutions method.
The primary purpose of Fintech is to promote financial inclusion,