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 Many law firms have excellent, centralized,
concierge-type Marketing and Business Development (MBD) departments and
professionals working in their firms.

Due to the increased scope and scale of law firms
and their intense workload, most MBD professionals mainly respond and REACT to
attorneys’ requests for marketing assistance and sales enablement support.

The fact is that

Avoid these 9 common mistakes
most people make when pitching a new client or pitching new business:

  • You don’t
    prepare and send an agenda for the meeting ahead of time. Instead, you
    just show up.
  • You assume
    or presume that you already know just about everything there is to know
    about the potential client.
  • You
  • In this (still mainly) remote-communications world we all live in, we should all take the time to maximize our online positioning and virtual business communications skills. Here are two checklists for you, the lawyers in your firm, and your team:1.    A Year-End Checklist, and2.    A Checklist
    to Optimize Virtual Coffees

    Both checklists can be found

     1.    How Litigators Can Optimize Their LinkedIn
    New Client Development – WEBINAR being held Wednesday, March 3, 2021

     2.    How Intellectual Property Lawyers Can Optimize
    Their LinkedIn CONNECTIONS for
    New Client Development – WEBINAR being held Thursday, March 4, 2021

    These webinars will be
    presented by Julie
    , a top

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    THIS FRIDAY, Feb 19th! Here are the three upcoming webinars:1) For Lawyers of Racial, Ethnic,
    Gender, and Preference Diversity: Unique Ways
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