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This is a post from multiple authors: Rebecca Fordon (The Ohio State University), Deborah Ginsberg (Harvard Law Library), Sean Harrington (University of Oklahoma), and Christine Park (Harvard Law Library)

In late 2023, several legal research databases and start-up competitors announced their versions of ChatGPT-like products, each professing that theirs would be the latest and greatest.

The world of AI chatbots is a whirlwind of innovation, with new developments and surprises seemingly emerging every week! Since the end of April, one particular model, modestly gpt2-chatbot, captured the attention of myself and other AI enthusiasts due to its advanced abilities and sparked much speculation. This mysterious bot first appeared on April 28

Today’s guest post comes from Debbie Ginsberg, Faculty Services Manager at Harvard Law School Library.

I was supposed to write a blog post about the Harvard AI summit about six months ago. For various reasons (e.g., “didn’t get my act together”), that hasn’t happened. But one of the things that was brought up at the

A few months ago, a law professor posted on Twitter about a hallucination he observed in Lexis+ AI. He asked “What cases have applied Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. Harvard College to the use of race in government decisionmaking?” The answer from Lexis+ AI included two hallucinated cases. (It was obvious they were hallucinated,

Is it just me, or has ChatGPT-4 taken a nosedive when it comes to legal research and writing? There has been a noticeable decline in its ability to locate primary authority on a topic, analyze a fact pattern, and apply law to facts to answer legal questions. Recently, instructions slide through its digital grasp like