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The term “artificial intelligence” (AI) is popping up everywhere from e-discovery to beer brewing. What do you think of when you hear it? Is it sexy and cutting-edge? This article explores what AI really is.

Virtually every computer program can be viewed as taking some input, applying some procedure, and generating some output. A

This article examines Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai’s claims that the shape of some graphs generated from Michigan voting data suggests that the vote count was being fraudulently manipulated. To be clear, I am not making any claim about whether or not fraud occurred — I’m only addressing whether Dr. Shiva’s arguments about curve shape are convincing.

IG3 West was held at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast, California.  It consisted of one day of product demos followed by one day of talks.  The talks were divided into two simultaneous sessions throughout the day, so I could only attend half of them.  My notes below provide some highlights from the talks

Text Analytics Forum is part of the KMWorld conference. It was held on November 6-7 at the JW Marriott in D.C.. Attendees went to the large KMWorld keynotes in the morning and had two parallel text analytics tracks for the remainder of the day. There was a technical track and an applications track. Most of

Relativity Fest celebrated its tenth anniversary at the Hilton in Chicago.  It featured as many as sixteen simultaneous sessions and was attended by about 2,000 people.  You can find my full set of photos here.
The show was well-organized and there were always plenty of friendly staff around to help.  The keynote introduced the

The first Mid-Atlantic IG3 was held at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C.. It was a day and a half long with a keynote followed by two concurrent sets of sessions.  I’ve provided some notes below from the sessions I was able to attend.  You can find my full set of photos here.

The annual EDRM Workshop was held at Duke Law School starting on the evening of May 15th and ending at lunch time on the 17th.  It consisted of a mixture of panels, presentations, working group reports, and working sessions focused on various aspects of e-discovery.  I’ve provided some highlights below.  You can find my full

This was by far the most significant iteration of the ongoing exercise where I challenge an audience to produce a keyword search that works better than technology-assisted review (also known as predictive coding or supervised machine learning).  There were far more participants than previous rounds, and a structural change in the challenge allowed participants to

Ipro renamed their conference from Ipro Innovations to the Ipro Tech Show this year.  As always, it was held at the Talking Stick Resort in Arizona and it was very well organized.  It started with a reception on April 29th that was followed by two days of talks.  There were also training days bookending the