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Two recent cases highlight how a person’s political affiliation — among other things — can affect what happens in the jury room.
Recently, a jury in Wichita Falls acquitted a man (in 18 minutes, no less) on a charge of transmitting a threatening communication in interstate commerce. Translation? He was found not-guilty of threatening a

Whether your jury trial is happening in person or virtually, chances are COVID has had a profound impact on your case before either side gives Opening Statements.
In a recent story by Westlaw’s Jenna Greene, she spoke with several jury consultants (including me) about the effect the pandemic has had on jurors. I told her that when

We are a nation hopelessly addicted to a constant flow of information, from the important to the trivial, continuously streamed to us through our little glowing devices.
Think back to the last time you were on an airplane and were told to shut down your laptop and put your cell phone on airplane mode. You,