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Despite cannabis being fully legalized in nearly half of the US states and counting with several more planning to vote for legalization in the 2024 elections, nearly all states that comprise the industry have been suffering tremendous financial and economic hardships. Most notably, California suffered a total sales loss of about eight percent, which in

Despite the American cannabis industry expanding more rapidly than any other industry in American history possibly with the exception of the railroad industry, there are still numerous clashes and contradictions that arise due to the clearly damaging prohibition of cannabis that still exists on the federal level. Even if the cannabis industry employs nearly 430,000

With cannabis legalization remaining a hot button issue going into 2024, many elected officials are finally using their power and sway of influence to put legislative pressure on the incumbent Biden administration. Whether on the state or federal level such as the Congressional Cannabis Caucus’ continued activism and filed legislation or the Nevada Legislature unanimously

While the federal government continues to postpone or otherwise delay any meaningful cannabis reform from happening on that very crucial level of government for several years now, certain members of Congress on both sides of the aisle are carrying on the fight for cannabis reform regardless. As the always divided and oftentimes theatrical antics of

As the cannabis industry grows in both size and normalcy, so will the many usual aspects of other federally legal jobs. Mainly, one of those aspects becoming increasingly mainstream in this flourishing industry is unionization. Across the Legal States and most recently in Nevada, dispensary and cultivation staff members are seeking to join and seek

As widespread cannabis legalization and mainstream normalization sweep across the American states, so too do the opportunities for social events and venues that allow cannabis consumption. Once relegated to people’s living rooms due to public consumption laws that are oftentimes restrictive, states such as Nevada and Colorado are passing very beneficial bills and local ordinances