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One of the struggles public law libraries have is that they were conceived at a time when there was a tight connection between the bench and the bar. Law library governance is often replete with judges and lawyers even though many U.S. law libraries primarily serve people without a law degree.

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Our law library had an open house recently and some of the governing board were there. They reminded me of the first time I met them in person. One recounted that they had driven me home that evening—I had arrived by bus—and I realized that it was essentially the last time

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An issue came up recently that caused some of our library folks to want to help out a colleague. They found links from a third-party site that weren’t going to where they should be. Your website tools can help you manage these backlinks—links that people make to your site—for reasons other

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I was able to participate recently in a professional event involving lots of smart librarians discussing AI and law libraries. At the end, one outcome I committed to was to list what my law library was doing and how AI might impact those tasks. Here’s how that progressed.

Sometimes saying something

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At the turn of the century, I worked at the American Bar Association. We had successfully evaded the Y2K turmoil, dot-com was ascendant, and legal technology was having a bit of a boom. There seemed to be lots of emerging companies (until the dot com bubble burst) and the market was