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The legacy of Black entrepreneurship deserves recognition and celebration all year round. While entrepreneurship can provide economic stability and growth for the Black community, there are still many challenges to overcome, including discrimination, and limited access to capital and mentorship. In this blog, we’re exploring the story of Black Wall Street, the importance of building

Succession planning consists of identifying essential jobs within your business and generating action plans for people to fill those positions if they become vacant. Taking a comprehensive perspective of the present and future goals, this form of planning ensures that people have the right roles when you transition out of your firm temporarily, permanently, abruptly,

Creating a women-owned law firm is incredibly exciting and overwhelming.

When you are starting, it’s likely only you. However, as your client list grows you will expand, hire people, and upgrade the office space over time. This growth can be a blessing and a curse if you don’t pay attention. Expansion comes with its own

Are you a believer or a skeptic of lawyer work-life balance?

The legal profession has an extraordinarily demanding work culture that takes a toll on the health and personal life of almost all attorneys. You feel that you wear too many hats and have a never-ending to-do list, but what else could you do? Getting