With Ingrid Ødegaard of WherebyFirst published in “Remote Work in Europe, 2030”, this interview looks at the possibilities and challenges of remote work.It is difficult to find aspects of our lives that were not affected by the internet. But, while nearly all aspects of our lives have been touched, in some areas, it’s difficult to

Alternatives to Our Current Voting & Governance SchemesLearn more about innovations in governance in the full report.Millennials saw the development and growth of many technologies. However, many of these technologies are also already outdated as digitisation and innovation march on. They have impacted almost every aspect of our lives. Previous generations had to adapt

Sparking Interest, Blockchain & Fellowship ProgrammeWith Carlos GómezRead Carlos’ insights in “CBDCs: Geopolitical Ramification of a Major Digital Currency”.As part of our goal of curating research that matters to innovators at the forefront of emerging technology, we’ve created a community of experts to weigh-in on our reports. These Fellows collaborate throughout our research process

What will the fallout of China’s CBDC be on the Euro?Read our full report for more analysis.The global power that controlling world trade brings means that countries have been vying for this position since the 1400s. While never out of the minds of world leaders, this struggle for dominance continues to make news and is increasingly

August 2020If you think we missed any, get in touch at hq@dgen.org.In August, while many people take holidays and time to disconnect, the research agenda doesn’t stop. Despite the heat, white papers, work papers, and research reports have continued rolling.In the tech ecosystem, high-quality content abounds. There is always research that you don’t want to