Originally published in Healthcare Michigan, Volume 41,  No. 6
It has been a rapid-fire start to 2024 with antitrust enforcers within the Biden administration ramping up regulatory scrutiny across the U.S.—and health care is at the center of it.
These efforts started in December 2023 when the Federal Trade Commission (the “FTC” or “Commission”) and Antitrust

Ohio employers will soon see their employees be able to purchase recreational marijuana when dispensaries open in the coming weeks. Ohio’s recreational marijuana program stems from a 2023 citizen-driven campaign to create a program that allows all Ohioans over 21 years of age to purchase marijuana without needing a doctor’s recommendation first.
That initiative, known

Previously Published in The Journal of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Law, Volume 7, No. 3 | May-June 2024
In this article, the authors examine the extensive legal risks that companies take when using generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), particularly within operations that create intellectual property or other intangible value represented within a business.
While any groundbreaking

Dickinson Wright attorney Kim Ruppel recently participated in The Risky Health Care Business Podcast, where she and host Scott Nelson delved into the intricate world of noncompetes and their ramifications for both health care professionals and organizations. This article encapsulates the insights from that conversation.
Understanding Noncompete Agreements
Noncompete agreements have long been a fixture