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If you feel like your law practice is in chaos, listen into this episode. I’m sharing with you two of the most common mistakes I see my clients make, that I see other lawyers making, and I even make them myself from time-to-time. I’m sharing:

  • why so many lawyers feel like their practice is chaotic

WORK WITH ME I help lawyers take control of their practice, find fulfillment and create a life they love. Work with me to start implementing what you’re learning in this podcast. Book a Strategy Session with me, and we’ll elevate how you practice the law and how you build your business. During your session, I’ll

Almost every lawyer wants to know how to be more confident whether it’s in the courtroom, on the phone with a client or in negotiations with opposing counsel. But true confidence isn’t what you think. And to build confidence, it takes understanding your brain and its current habits of thinking before you can rewire it

What does success mean to you? Are you relying on what others think success is to define success for yourself? And does your vision for success have one essential component: Conscious well-being. In this episode of Be a Better Lawyer, you’ll learn:

  • Why success hinges on you incorporating conscious well-being into your vision of success

Your money relationship determines the pace at which you can grow. Our relationship with money is only as strong as our relationship with ourselves and our ability to handle uncomfortable emotions. After listening to this episode of Be a Better Lawyer, you’ll know: 👉 why changing our relationship with money feels so hard 👉 how

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of intentional mindset when growing your law firm. The state of our emotions determines our capabilities. And our mindset determines the state of our emotions. So when I help lawyers make decisions about their plan to grow their law firm growths, the biggest obstacle to making better decisions and