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Did you know that even when you download an image from an online site, you might still be at risk of copyright infringement? In the digital realm, where images are as ubiquitous as they are essential, understanding the nuances of image rights is not just a necessity—it’s a safeguard. Whether you’re a blogger, a graphic

Contracts are the backbone of business transactions and legal relationships. They provide parties with clarity, security, and enforceability for their obligations and rights. In the interest of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, some individuals and businesses may be tempted to reuse contracts for similar purposes. However, this practice can pose significant legal risks and drawbacks. In this

Trade marks are enforceable rights that, once registered, allows the owner to protect goods and/or services being sold under that trade mark (or a deceptively similar or substantially identical mark) by others. Trade mark registration is a highly competitive industry, has incredible marketing potential and, in some cases, are invaluable to a company’s or business’

American footballer Travis Kelce was already famous as a championship-winning athlete, but that was nothing compared to the fame that awaited him as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. Within 24 hours of Swift’s appearance at Kelce’s ball game, his followers count increased by 300,000 and his jersey sales spiked 400 percent. Correlation does not equal causation, but

Contracts are the Superheroes of Disputes and the Wallflowers of Harmony Imagine attending a lavish party where everyone is in high spirits, dancing, laughing, and enjoying the moment. In a corner, almost unnoticed, is a well-dressed person, silent and observant. They’re the lifeguard at the pool party, the referee at a friendly match; they’re not

Cybersecurity and Digital Integrity During Separation and Family Court Proceedings EAGLEGATE is proud to announce the launch of its innovative new service, CyberSeparate, designed to fortify the digital security and integrity of people navigating the complex waters of separation and family court proceedings. This service aims to fill a critical gap in the legal landscape