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When most people think of estate planning, they think of what happens on their death. However, estate planning also includes what happens while you are still alive but unable to make financial or healthcare decisions. Incapacity can mean that you would need someone to pay your bills, file your taxes, attend appointments with you, etc.

Recently, the Social Security Administration (SSA) issued a new rule: starting September 30, 2024 food support is no longer considered in kind support, and will not effect supplemental security income payouts. This change is potentially huge. It simultaneously provides new flexibility AND simplifies record-keeping and reporting.
What is Supplemental Security Income?
Supplemental Security Income (also

Guardians make decisions on behalf of their ward. While this may seem pretty straight forward, often times, it’s not simple at all. On the one hand, the guardian should promote the ward’s autonomy and dignity. On the other hand, the guardian needs to protect the ward from exploitation and sometimes, from their own diminished decision-making

You may think that you have to get a guardianship and/or conservatorship when someone close to you is losing capacity. A guardianship allows the court to appoint someone to make decisions over a person when the person can no longer do so themselves. A conservatorship is the same concept except over that person’s property. Some

If a loved one died recently, you may have found yourself in need of opening a probate. For many, this strikes fear into their hearts, or at the very least makes them groan in dissatisfaction. Probate is notorious for being time-intensive, expensive and just a general pain to go through. Here in Arizona, there are