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The idea of, even the practice of working remotely is certainly not a new concept. But the reality of working remotely has definitely been altered. Its former state was based on the individual; that is, a business approach allowing an individual to occasionally, or almost entirely, or in some cases completely outside the office environment.

It’s not often that I hear of an eDiscovery case that so clearly supports the belief that law firms and corporate legal teams clearly benefit from including a competent eDiscovery Manager/Administrator on their staff. Many thanks to Ralph Losey for posting an excellent review of the case on his e-Discovery Team website here. The

In my last blog post, I discussed the benefits for law firms in establishing a Legal Hold Administrator position to manage legal hold activities for their clients as part of an overall eDiscovery program. Those benefits included provided better service to clients, ensuring compliance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence

Words have always been important to me as part of my love of the English language, especially through books of various topics. Books…the words within well-written books…have provided me with enjoyment, education and ongoing learning, insight, travel (at least in my mind), and above all, the humbling realization that there is so much more to

The term zero-sum seems to be tossed around more and more frequently, with the inevitable lessening of its impact perhaps, but more importantly a clouding of its meaning or worse, assigning its use incorrectly or in a misleading manner. Merriam Webster describes “zero-sum” as:

  • of, relating to, or being a situation (such as a game

I have advocated for some time that a corporation or law
firm is well served by having a position for eDiscovery Program Manager, responsible
for managing the support functions related to litigation, regulatory matters or
audits. This position is an enhancement of the Legal Hold Administrator
position often found in companies, if they have any

With thanks to Logikcull for their recent post on important eDiscovery cases of 2018 which I reference here, legal holds are in the spotlight…again. It seems that many companies, or perhaps their legal counsel, when confronted with eDiscovery requests tend to “push the envelop” a bit too far too often in production of relevant documents.