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 (thanks to Loma Linda University)We have published an open access article in the International Journal of the Legal Profession at are Gina Masterton (QUT), John Flood (Griffith), Zoe Rathus (Griffith), and Kieran Tranter (QUT).The abstract reads:Studies of lawyers and clients tend to be lawyer centric. How

(thanks to Colin Levy)I write this post with a heavy heart as Peter Lederer died from a heart attack yesterday. Peter was my best friend and, in the nicest way possible, my consigliere. When faced with a decision that seemed beyond me, I would discuss it with him and things would be clearer.This is not about

 REZA BANAKARI just heard that my friend and colleague, Reza Banakar, died from kidney cancer. He was Professor of Sociology of Law at Lund University. Before that we were colleagues at the University of Westminster. I greatly valued his collegiality and friendship. Sometimes I felt he and I were the only ones who knew what

This is Queensbridge Road in Hackney, London and inside the building you see is my flat. Its refurbishment has just been completed and the flat’s photos are up on the architects’ website. I love it. It is even more minimalist than my previous house in Hackney.

My area is typical Hackney. I’m next to the canal, close

(thanks to Law, Technology and Humans) 

A new journal started by my colleague, Kieran Tranter, has published its first issue. Law, Technology and Humans is an open access journal committed to the wide and unrestricted dissemination of knowledge:

Law, Technology and Humans encourages scholarship that reflects on how technology is changing law, regulation and normative

I was struck reading a blog post by Crispin Passmore (late of the SRA and LSB), Utah turns US reform party into a carnival. The Utah Bar and Supreme Court thoroughly investigated ways of increasing access to justice through the process of regulatory reforms. Their commission contained, among others, Gillian Hadfield and Margaret Hagan. One