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Harris Bricken is a boutique international law firm with lawyers in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Barcelona and Beijing. Our focus is on small and medium sized businesses that operate internationally and on multinational companies that require specialized legal assistance.

We have lawyers licensed in China, Russia, Spain, Germany, Australia and various states in America. Our language capabilities include Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

Though we are small in size, we are big in reputation, both for our legal knowledge and for the relationships we establish with our clients.

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Cannabis businesses often use letters of intent (LOIs) to get agreed deal terms in writing before spending time and money negotiating the definitive written contract. LOIs can be a big help, especially with a complicated deal. But they are easy to botch, and can lead to some pretty devastating consequences if not done right.

This is the first in a new series where our Portugal-based attorney, Shannon Brandao, will guide you through the practical, legal, and personal considerations of purchasing a home in Europe.
More and more Americans are thinking about moving to Europe. Though the number that pack up and ultimately move is still relatively small, it’s

If you missed our February 2024 “Cannabis Loans and Investments” Webinar, we have published a full recording and transcript here.
Harris Sliwoski partners Vince Sliwoski, Griffen Thorne, and Aaron Pelley focused on a constellation of important factors for both cannabis industry investors and businesses in 2024:

  • What the increase in open state markets means