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You already added all your case information in your practice management system. What if your eFiling portal was smart enough to fetch that information and fill in those fields for you?
That’s what it’s like filing court documents with the new improvements in InfoTrack. But to get the maximum benefit from all this automation, you

Are you doing enough to check for conflicts of interest before you start working a case?
If you work in a big law firm, your organization almost certainly has a standard process in place for checking – and tracking – conflicts of interest. After all, when hundreds of lawyers are serving thousands of clients, conflicts

While artificial intelligence (AI) has certainly caused major changes in the legal industry, one big question remains — will an AI tool be able to completely perform the work of a human attorney? In other words, is the AI lawyer a realistic concept that we will see in our lifetimes?
To this writer — a

For a lot of long-time legal professionals, the concept of psychological safety is new. Law firms are not generally known as places where disagreements are respectful and it’s okay to announce your mistakes without fear.
That’s a problem, and it goes far beyond burnout.
Understanding and fostering psychological safety isn’t just about creating a pleasant

For paralegals, working efficiently and accurately in high-pressure situations is not an option; it’s a job requirement. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever for paralegals to meet this standard with automation tools and tricks.
These automation “hacks” have a massive impact. You’ll have more available time and finish work with less effort.
Here are our top

Faced with the decision to work from an office or allow team members to work from anywhere, thousands of law firms have ended up with something in the middle.
Of course, there are pros and cons to both in-person and remote work. It’s natural to think that hybrid arrangements are a way to mitigate the