The legal industry is a big ego game. Whether you practice in construction, real estate, bankruptcy, litigation or family law, egos are everywhere. Clients want what they want, opposing parties are convinced they’re right, opposing counsel wants to best you, and of course, you want to win your cases, get your deals done and grow

As many legal marketing professionals agree, effective communication is crucial for building relationships and establishing trust with clients and colleagues. For law firms in particular, digital newsletters are an especially effective tool for nurturing these relationships. Not only do newsletters provide a straightforward and efficient method of keeping clients and colleagues informed about the firm’s

This June marks 47 years since the U.S. Supreme Court decided Bates v. State Bar of Arizona, determining that commercial speech merited First Amendment protection. The decision allowed attorneys to supply consumers with valuable information about the availability and cost of legal services — in other words, advertising.
The ABA drafted and then adopted the Model

We’re officially in this year’s Chambers USA era.
With the release of the Chambers USA 2024 guide on June 6, 2024, the Chambers USA 2025 research cycle kicks off, running from July 11 to December 12.
The release of the guide is a critical piece of information for firms developing their strategy for 2025 Chambers

Not many years ago, lateral partner movement among law firms was rare. However, during the 15+ years I’ve spent leading media and public relations programs at Am Law 100 firms,  the number of campaigns I’ve launched for the arrival of both individual partners and groups of lawyers has grown significantly. These days, you can’t open

Having worked with dozens of law firms and scores of attorneys over my career, I have encountered two types of lawyers when it comes to writing thought leadership articles: those who write content that people want to read and those who write content that almost nobody wants to read.
My identification of these two types

An effective PR strategy that a firm can incorporate into outreach is “PR piggybacking” — the act of elevating a brand’s awareness and audience engagement by harnessing hot topics or events that are already generating media attention, and adding your thoughts and opinions. You join a trend or news story that is already taking place and making headlines, and