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One may ask, “exactly what is elder abuse?”. and that would be a good question. It is such a wide encompassing concept that there are many different forms of it and many different consequences for those who may victimize elders in one way or another.
Understanding Elder AbuseIn Riverside County, the District Attorney’s office has

Let’s talk again about minors in possession of alcohol. We have discussed in previous articles that there are real dangers in minors being around alcohol and cops at the same time. During these cheery holiday times many of you minors (or people who will be around minors during the holidays) may try your hand (lips)

Whether you have ever been involved in a Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) hearing or not, if you have a state issued license to drive on the roads of California, there are many things that you should know about DMV hearings and how to keep or get your license to drive a motor vehicle on

COACHELLA DRUGS, SEX AND ALCOHOL…I WOULD SAY AND ROCK AND ROLL TOO…BUT, YOU KNOW.The Coachella Music Festival is coming here for the next two weekends…and then we have the Stagecoach Music festival the weekend after that. So April is full of music and love in our valley every year.
Unfortunately, it is also a time

We have been receiving many calls and emails about various needs our clients and the general public have in taking care of vehicle-related licensing, registration, and DUI issues.
There are many such questions that we can answer. Or, one may go directly to the Palm Desert DMV website to search for answers to non-DUI or

Many people call or email us and ask if they really need a lawyer for their 1st or any DUI/DWI case. They are curious as to what a DUI lawyer may be able to do for them that they can’t do for themselves.
The people who ask this question usually believe that they are guilty