In a global economy, lawsuits and government investigations frequently involve foreign language documents. Case teams can face thousands or even millions of documents written in multiple different languages. Lawyers in eDiscovery and litigation support professionals must quickly arrange for the translation of these documents so the case review can proceed.
With the advent of eDiscovery,

Digital transformation (DX) is a core pillar of successful businesses today. Corporations continue to invest in technology to improve their productivity, enable secure remote data access, and provide a seamless online experience for customers and users. As a by-product DX has also dramatically changed how eDiscovery data collection is conducted. The once exclusively manual data

Are you wrestling with consumption-based eDiscovery costs? You’re not alone. The process of eDiscovery is notoriously expensive, and for good reason. With burgeoning data volumes, increased data complexity, and a stringent regulatory landscape, the costs quickly spiral out of control. These costs aren’t just a “necessary evil”; they represent a significant operational challenge that can

The fervor for the latest subjective technologies and qualitative insights dominated the spotlight at Legalweek 2024. Virtually every provider seemed to incorporate ChatGPT into their sales spiel or presentation.
Well, that’s not totally true. I’ll confess, I couldn’t resist purchasing a massager kit for my wife. There was a certain satisfaction for me in connecting

Publicly traded companies in the U.S. must comply with the significant financial reporting and internal procedural requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX or SOX Act). When you think about it, the essence of financial reporting is contracts – the records of a company’s transactions.
This makes contract management essential for SOX compliance. To help

Intellectual Property (IP) is an intangible or heritage asset that brings uniqueness and innovation to an enterprise. These intangible assets are legally protected and yield commercial value for an enterprise.
Intellectual Property adds not only commercial value to an enterprise but also aids in protecting its assets by providing due recognition. However, Intellectual Property contains

Internal investigations can decide the fate of companies and individuals. A few of the interesting ones are listed below:

  • Deutsche Bank AG’s internal investigation, Project Teal, found that certain employees in Spain were guilty of misselling currency derivatives. A number of management executives in Spain and London were replaced as a result of the internal

Selecting the right deployment option for your eDiscovery platform is crucial in our digitally-driven business environment. Beyond the software’s features, it’s imperative to navigate the complex regulations pertaining to data residency and privacy.
Why is this important? Compliance mistakes can result in significant legal challenges and financial repercussions. This article aims to illuminate the essential

With companies increasingly relying on digital platforms, the volume of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) has increased dramatically. This can result in inefficient data management.
Hence, legal departments use eDiscovery tools to manage large-scale data efficiently. eDiscovery refers to the search for and retrieval of relevant data from ESI. These include sources such as emails, documents,