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Most family law cases are settled before trial, as both sides can often come to an agreement without the court’s interaction or because the time, effort and money needed for trial outweigh the benefits. However, in certain cases, trial is necessary.  
Family law cases proceed to trial for various reasons, typically regarding critical issues

Many parents relocate their families over the summer – often from the city to the suburbs – as to not disrupt their children’s school year. Co-parents may not realize their parenting agreement has specific provisions about where and when they move.
Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act
The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage

During a divorce, couples with children often find themselves in disagreement regarding what actions or decisions are in the best interests of their children amid emotionally charged proceedings, sometimes losing sight of their priorities. In such cases, understanding the roles of certain third-party advocates is crucial.
What Are Third-Party Advocates?
Third-party advocates, appointed by the

You are ready to be divorced —  you have dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s on your marital settlement agreement and parenting plan, you’ve completed your court-ordered parenting course — what’s next?
You may be asking yourself, “When will I get my day in court?” or “What is this term, ‘prove-up,’ that my attorney

Kogut & Wilson is pleased to announce the opening of its newest office in southwestern Orland Park, marking the firm’s third location and enhancing accessibility for our suburban clients.
Building upon the success of the Park Ridge office opening in 2019, this move reflects the firm’s steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional client service amidst its