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Many people — not all, of course! — are celebrating Christmas today. I don’t want to rain on your Christmas parade, but as a criminal defense lawyer, writing on a criminal defense blog, on a criminal defense website, I would be remiss if I didn’t give you a little Christmas warning. Unlike a lot of

First, I want to say that, on average, I think public defenders are better attorneys than private attorneys. There are definitely some counties I could name where that is not true. (Fresno, though, has a most-excellent Public Defender Office, and they’ve been meeting the needs of people and kicking ass bigtime for a while now!)

The Daily Journal, a newspaper for the professedly-legal profession, reports that complaints about judges hit two records last year. I can’t link it, because it’s behind a paywall that even some attorneys cannot afford to pay.

Many of you know that I have become quite critical of judges, as I’ve become less able to stomach

My work is hard, but at least often-enough rewarding. I work at leaving good tracks as I walk with the people who have hired me. 

And every path is different. Because every person is different. The charges against them and the circumstances surrounding their cases are different.

I have a few stories I carry as

Mi trabajo es duro, pero al menos a menudo gratificante. Trabajo para dejar buenas huellas al caminar con las personas que me han contratado. Porque las huellas que dejamos importan.

Y cada camino es diferente. Porque cada persona es diferente. Los cargos que se les imputan y las circunstancias que rodean sus casos son diferentes.

The Daily Journal is an erstwhile “newspaper” for attorneys who either have more money than G-d, or (like me) feel they have no choice but to go without necessary medications sometimes in order to pay for it.

That said, I read it not because I want to, but because I feel that I have to.

I arrive at the end of another year. Another year of futilely fighting for a true justice system. I fight not for the kind of system that requires scare quotes around the word “justice” — because we, and particularly our judges, are scared of not satisfying bloodlusts — but for real justice. The kind that