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It seems increasingly likely that the Federal government is going to shut down this weekend. If it does, what happens to Social Security disability claims?

Here are some answers:

Social Security payments would continue to be sent out on time unless the debt ceiling is not raised and the government defaults on its obligations.

Social Security offices are reopening

John had recently helped me with my Disability Case, and have to say that he was always very efficient. From the start. He showed knowledge, and Efficiency in this Matter from the start to end on my case. Right at the beginning with the first phone call, he gave me a sense of “You will

Mr. Kuhnlein was a lifesaver. After getting the runaround from one attorney to another I had basically given up hope of finding help. After receiving a call from SSA that my hearing would be approaching in the next few months they encouraged me to have representation and guided me on how to find a good