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Procurement should be leading the charge to equip organizations with the supplies and resources that move business forward. But they’re increasingly bogged down with rote contract negotiating and review tasks that frequently must be escalated to Legal, depending on the experience of available personnel. 
Ideally, Procurement would focus solely on negotiating deals and saving costs

There’s a dearth of women in leadership in the legal industry. This holds true across all parts of the industry: law firms, in-house, academia, agencies, and legal technology companies. Even with more women entering law school than men and graduating at record numbers, the statistics on women breaking into leadership change at a glacially slow

The evolution of legal AI
They say we fear what we don’t understand. “It’s a little hard to trust something you can’t look in the eyes” – said astronaut John Glenn in the movie “Hidden Figures”, as he was preparing to launch to space and become the first American to orbit Earth in 1962, but

Contract management is not a simple task. It should be. It can be. But for many companies it presents a formidable challenge. 
Outdated, paper-based practices can have damaging legal and business consequences, exposing a company to high costs and liability for contractual and regulatory non-compliance. 
Companies typically lose between 5% to 40% of value on

Industry 4.0 is coming for legal departments. From cloud services to artificial intelligence, innovative technologies are changing the way legal teams work.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is also changing companies’ expectations of their legal departments. For some, digital transformation is disconcerting. Lawyers are notoriously risk-averse, which leads to slow adoption of new technologies. Gartner’s Roadmap

Today I am extremely proud to announce that LawGeex was granted its first U.S. patent.
The patent, US 10,891,699 B2, recognizes our leadership in the legal technology community, and the proprietary algorithm behind our Contract Review Automation solution.
At the core of LawGeex’s tech stack is a contextual AI-engine that understands not only the

Crisis-oriented or just the usual daily routine, the daily work of legal experts has become more results-driven and requires a greater emphasis on efficiency and improved processes.
Adopting technology can be the first step towards this, especially for reviewing routine contracts like NDAs, SLAs, or DPAs. These contracts specify the binding agreement between parties