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The IRS’s tax return-related identity theft problem has officially crossed from item of interest to law enforcement and tax professionals to a disturbing problem worthy of the national primetime news.  On September 21, 2014, tax return-related identity theft (also known as “stolen identity refund fraud”) was the focus of a 15-minute segment on CBS’s 60

The high profile federal criminal trial of Raoul Weil began today in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Weil was the chief executive of UBS AG wealth management.
This trial was a long time coming.  Weil, a Swiss citizen, was indicted for conspiracy to commit tax evasion in 2008, but he disputed the charges and was declared a

The Department of Justice recently issued a press release (click here to see it) announcing the indictment of a Bakersfield man, Michael Galloway, who owned the Catholic website, known as Catholic Online.  According to the press release, the Department of Justice has alleged (remember, all defendant’s must be presumed innocent until proven guilty) the