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An anxiety disorder can severely impact your life, including your ability to perform at work. Unfortunately, mental health disorders often don’t receive the recognition they deserve compared to physical ailments. This lack of understanding can lead your employer and insurance provider to question the necessity of a long-term disability (LTD) claim for anxiety. The challenges

Living with chronic pain and disability is challenging and can affect every part of daily life. If you’re an employee dealing with such a condition, it can lead to additional stresses beyond physical issues, resulting in even more obstacles to navigate. Whether you have difficulty accomplishing simple tasks or face barriers in the workplace, you

Living with an invisible illness can be a daily battle, affecting every aspect of your life, including your ability to work. From chronic pain conditions, like fibromyalgia, and autoimmune diseases, like lupus, to mental health disorders, like depression and anxiety, invisible illnesses can be debilitating. And it is often misunderstood.  For people struggling to work

By Lecker & Associates  Bell Media’s recent announcement of widespread layoffs and the sale of numerous radio stations has left many employees concerned about their futures. These changes include the discontinuation of multiple television newscasts and other programming cuts affecting stations like CTV and BNN Bloomberg. In light of these developments, it’s essential for affected

Authored by: Soniya Ponniah  Contrary to general belief, there is no law that permitted mandatory (e.g. forced) retirement at age 65. However, companies previously had mandatory retirement policies doing just that. Recent news that former United States Vice President Al Gore, aged 75, is resigning from Apple’s board due to the company’s age-based restrictions for

Over 8 million Canadians experience disabilities since 2022, which may not always be apparent and can range from temporary to long-term. Disability can affect a person’s social integration and overall well-being, but supportive programmes and policies can enhance societal inclusion and improve quality of life. Disability laws ensure that people with disabilities are treated fairly

By: Soniya Ponniah– Lecker & Associates  As Canadian employees grapple with transition back into the office, they find themselves navigating complex legal considerations. An article in the Financial Post (the “Article”) considered the implications of returning to the office, specifically who it has been affecting and who benefits from working from home.  However, employees need

The Canadian Human Rights Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities in Ontario and throughout Canada. Those laws also provide disabled people equal workplace opportunities and benefits without fear of discrimination. Employers cannot exclude disabled people for opportunities or benefits and must treat them equally. Employers can face legal

During this festive season, an air of holiday cheer envelops everyone—everyone, that is, except for the Grinch-like demeanor exhibited by large corporate employers. In a recurring pattern etched in recent memory, the slips akin to the Grinch stealing Christmas. Two theories attempt to explain this phenomenon. The optimists say that big employers strategically align fiscal

Employees in Ontario have valuable rights and protections that safeguard their well-being and ensure fair treatment within the workplace. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some important points you must understand to ensure you receive fair treatment in the workplace. For insight into your specific situation, contact an experienced employment or labour lawyer, depending on