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In this episode, we were joined by Georgetown Law Dean of Admissions, Andrew Cornblatt, and Diversity Lab founder & CEO, Caren Ulrich Stacy. Listen in as Andy and Caren discuss the current landscape of pipeline programs, and help Bryan and Jon unpack how these programs work, best practices, metrics, and what could be done better.

Enisha Smith is a graduate of North Carolina Central University School of Law, and she joined Legal Innovators in 2021. Enisha was placed in the intellectual property practice group at the law firm Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, where she practices patent law. In 2023, Enisha was permanently hired by Schwegman as an associate.
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December 6, 2023 – Croke Fairchild Duarte & Beres LLC (CFDB), a Chicago-based full service law firm, is partnering with Legal Innovators, a technology-enabled alternative legal services provider focused on innovative talent management solutions, on a pilot program to recruit and train new lawyers. CFDB, which has grown from 10 attorneys to over 65 attorneys in

Nadia Lee is a graduate of Boston University School of Law, and she joined Legal Innovators in 2021. Nadia was placed in the in-house legal department of The Bechtel Corporation, where she works alongside the corporate legal team on projects and assignments in the engineering and construction industry. In 2023, Nadia was permanently hired by