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With the CCPA going into effect soon, and the look back period already in place for the current time period, I thought it would be helpful to lay this out, as the CCPA has gone through some amendments and there is some confusion out there about the CCPA’s scope.

If your company falls into either

Lately, seemingly following California’s lead, a member of the New York State Legislature proposed legislation which would have solidifies the privacy rights of individuals in New York.

The proposed bill was hailed as providing stronger protection for individuals that the California Privacy Act. Notably, it would provide increased transparency to let individuals know what data

One of the larger exemptions to being deemed a seller of personal data under the CCPA is the “service provider” exemption. I am not going to quote the statutory language as frankly its written in a confusing way. But the CCPA states that a business will not be deemed a seller of personal data, with

New York was concerned that companies with sensitive data, such as people’s banking information, social security numbers and other financial records could be unlawfully accessed by hackers (other nations, individuals, companies). The New York Department of Financial Services (“DFS”) has promulgated regulations entitled the “Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies” which can be found at

One of the more interesting and useful items to come out of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2018 are the creation of so-called Opportunity Zones. An Opportunity Zone is a particular census tract which the government has designated as a distressed community, and investments in same are entitled to certain benefits vis a