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Safeguarding Your Financial Future: Unmasking Investment Fraud and Protecting Your Wealth
In an era where financial opportunities seem to lurk around every corner, it’s crucial to arm yourself with the knowledge to distinguish genuine investments from clever scams. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting your financial journey, the threat of investment fraud looms

What’s difficult about drafting commercial contracts? Consider a recent Texas Supreme Court breach of contract case, U.S. Polyco v. Texas Central Business Lines Corporation. Polyco, a manufacturer, contracted with Texas Central, short-line freight railway company, when Polyco decided to expand its operations to gain direct access to rail. Polyco paid $1.2 million to improve Texas

20 Investors Defrauded of $70 Million
Not even institutional investors are immune from financial investment fraud shenanigans when it comes to a company such as Bitwise. No, not Bitcoin. Jake Soberal a 37-year-old intellectual property attorney and 42-year-old Irma Olguin who was involved in multiple start-ups, founded Bitwise in 2013.
Bitwise’s mission statement attracted a

Fort Worth Texas is still known as “cow town” here in the Lone Star State. Well, at least among non-cattle people it is. When you visit the stockyards, you can still enjoy a cattle drive—the urban version of one. Seriously, Texas does boast some of the best cattle genetics in the world. Unfortunately, Josh Link

Ponzi Scheme Gold Rush?
In the last couple of years, many media outlets have reported Californians migrating to other states, including Texas. It was only a matter of time before Texas, Waco in this case, added a citizen at the heart of a California Ponzi scheme. Over a three-year period 120 customers invested $21 million