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In recent years, the ubiquity of Amazon delivery trucks has become a symbol of modern convenience. However, amidst the rush to meet demands and fulfill orders swiftly, a darker reality has emerged. These vehicles, while efficient in delivering packages at breakneck speed, have also been implicated in a rising number of accidents. The negligence associated

Michaels Bersani Kalabanka proudly announces that all three of its lawyers – Lee Michaels, David Kalabanka, and Michael Bersani – have once again been recognized as “Best Lawyers” in this year’s Best Lawyers in America publication. The Best Lawyers awards are based entirely on peer review. That means that other lawyers, and judges, rate the skill and

Legal malpractice occurs when an attorney breaches their duty of care, resulting in harm to their client’s interests. Proving legal malpractice in New York State requires establishing four essential elements, each of which must be meticulously supported by evidence and legal expertise. This article will outline the steps and considerations necessary to navigate the

Several years ago, Lee Michaels, our senior member, was asked and agreed to endow a significant scholarship and award at Syracuse University College of Law recognizing a second-year top trial or appellate advocacy student.  The primary goal in initiating this scholarship/award was to help a worthy student, but it was also aimed at attracting fresh

If you are injured, or if your loved one is killed, in a trucking accident, you need to make sure the attorney you hire to bring a personal injury or wrongful death case is familiar with federal trucking law safety regulations and laws.  Proving that one or more safety rules were violated and contributed to

Here is a rough summary of your New York slip-or-trip-and-fall lawyer’s tasks:

  • Gathering Evidence
  • The first step in presenting a trip or slip and fall case starts long before trial.  It is to gather evidence, including photographs and videos of the accident scene and the specific hazard that caused the fall, witness statements, medical records,