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As a huge corporation having thousands of locations around the world, imagine how complicated it would be to personally vet and recruit franchisees. This is why big companies, such as McDonald’s, subfranchise their businesses and rely on master franchisees that manage multiple locations on their behalf within a determined region.
Key takeaways:
In a subfranchise,

Buying a franchise is an exciting and promising venture that comes with several advantages. Having access to a proven business model and benefiting from a built-in customer base are features that make franchising an extremely attractive offer. However, franchises are costly investments in terms of time, money, and effort, and making an uninformed decision can

Launching a new business that you are passionate about can be an exciting time. After all, you may have been thinking about starting a business for a long time and I finally decided to try it out. As the thrill and success build, do not forget that there are certain things you must do to

When licensing or franchising a brand, both business models will allow a third party to profit from the use of intellectual property for a fee. However, while a franchise allows access to the brand’s trademarks, business model, and operations, a license is a brand cooperation that limits the use of a specific trademark. 
Key differences:

What is an assignment and assumption agreement?
An assignment and assumption agreement is a contract that allows one of the parties to transfer their contractual rights and duties to another party.
An assignment of contract is used after a previous agreement has been signed and one of the parties wants to pass on its obligations

What is M&A financial due diligence?
Financial due diligence refers to the process of inspecting a target business’s financial performance to verify its value and profitability. 
By conducting financial due diligence, both the buying and selling parties of a business acquisition can make an in-depth analysis of the numbers of the company and assess

Franchising your restaurant is an excellent method to maximize the profitability of your business and expand your brand awareness. Make the process a lot easier with this step-by-step guide on how to franchise a restaurant. 
1. Evaluate your current business model
To ensure your restaurant can be franchised, it must have a proven system in

One of the most resorted strategies to fund a business acquisition is using seller financing. Through this method, buyers and sellers can agree to a purchase price more easily, since this type of financing offers more flexibility and better terms than other M&A funding alternatives.  
What is seller financing for business?
Seller financing, or seller