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The question of a nonprofit’s future needs and impact raises a couple of related concepts: intergenerational equity and longtermism. Of course, all planning involves thinking about the future – whether it be in designing programs, fundraising, marketing, budgeting, investing, advocating, collaborating, or engaging in myriad things that are necessary for managing and governing a nonprofit.

Nonprofits exist to advance their mission. That seems simple enough. As does the corresponding statement: the mission is the reason for a nonprofit’s existence.

The public expression of the mission is typically a short, pithy phrase that is part of the leadership’s elevator pitch. Below are a few examples of mission statements from well-known organizations.

Conferences of grantmaker organizations focus on many critically important topics. But I have noticed that nonprofit and exempt organizations law tends to be an underappreciated area of coverage, even when it might inform several areas of focus. And for those willing to make the investment in learning and managing nuances and complexities, a better understanding