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This past week, New York’s highest court, in a 4-3 decision in Matter of Hoffman v. NYS Independent Redistricting Commission, ordered the state’s bipartisan Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) to reconvene and to redraw the state’s congressional districts. There’s much to be said about that decision, both legally and politically.(click to enlarge for a better view)Presumably,

We previously looked at the increase in cases being heard at New York’s highest court since Rowan Wilson was elevated to Chief Judge this past April and, more specifically, since he began producing the Court’s calendars starting with this September’s. We saw that the increase has already been half-again what it was previously. That is

Source: Annenberg Public Policy CenterWe learned last week that she had passed away. We knew it was coming. We knew she was quite ill and that the Justice O’Connor we knew had already left us. But we are, nevertheless, newly aggrieved that she is gone.I didn’t know Justice O’Connor well on a personal or social level.

 Yikes! It’s been a few months. First, it was severe neck trauma that kept me totally out of commission for a while, and since then it’s been zealously catching up on delayed deadlines and postponed commitments. Now, for better or worse, I’m back!There’s lots to address about both the Supreme Court and New York’s high

It is vital that we restore the Courtto its position of national preeminence.–Chief Judge Rowan D. Wilson, Opening RemarksSenate Confirmation Hearing, April 17, 2023  At Columbia Law SchoolIn previous posts in this series, we reviewed Rowan Wilson’s eventual selection to sit on New York’s highest court in 2016 by then-Governor Andrew Cuomo, and his nomination to

NY Senate PhotoShortly before his elevation to Chief Judge, Rowan Wilson made clear in his dissenting opinion last year, in Howell v City of New York (November 22, 2022), that the majority’s application of the “special duty” rule is a true abomination. Sorry, but it’s hard to characterize it any other way. Wilson did manage to express

Protecting the rights of New Yorkers is my top priority.–Rowan D. Wilson,upon his nomination to be Chief Judge(Yes, it’s been a few weeks. End-of-semester review sessions, exams, grading, and other pre-occupations.  Indeed, some of the latter were following and interviewing on the selection of the new Chief Judge and on filling the resulting Associate Judge

In Part 1, we tracked Judge Rowan Wilson’s eventual nomination by former Governor Andrew Cuomo to the Court of Appeals in 2017–on Wilson’s 6th consecutive inclusion on the Commission on Judicial Nomination’s list of recommended nominees. We also reprised my suggestion, ten years ago, that he would be an “ideal choice” to be Chief Judge.

It’s been a long and winding road for Rowan Wilson to first be selected to sit on New York’s highest court and, ultimately, to be selected for the center seat as Chief Judge of the court and the state.It was ten years ago that Rowan Wilson’s name first appeared as a potential nominee for the