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Do I have to prove source of income for funds in Racine
County Wisconsin when there’s nothing that ties me to a crime nor the funds?  Was pulled over in Racine county for speeding
violation; Not the driver; Narcotics dog was called and allegedly detected
narcotics.  No narcotics seized or found
traces nothing.  Was Jay K. NixonAvvo Rating: 10 Criminal Attorney in Kenosha & Janesville, WIYou are “liable” to these blackmailers only in your own mind, if you are dumb enough to believe them. Odds are, the person on the keyboard who is communicating with you is actually not even a minor but instead an adult, in Nigeria,

What can I do if I hit someone on a jet ski and hurt
them and my insurance company only covers so much can I file bankruptcy?

Can I file bankruptcy if I was at fault in an accident and my
insurance company only pays so much a guy stopped real fast on a

Resolve Active Arrest Warrant Cases Before Addressing Official Misconduct ConcernsDo
I have a valid lawsuit against probation officer violating disclosure?

am/was on probation from 2019 till currently. At some point my mother had
contacted the probation office to speak to my probation officer about me coming
to visit her in Michigan (my probation

Jay K. Nixon, Avvo
Rating: 10
  Criminal Defense Attorney in Kenosha, WI

I would be surprised if a suppression motion would get far in
this scenario, depending upon the details of the testimony, which we can only
guess at. The problem is that police are allowed to ask a lot of preliminary
investigative questions

Can the
police get a warrant or have just cause to search my house after arresting my
husband when we were in a traffic stop?   
My husband fled a traffic stop
when I was in the car with him. The police claimed because he was on felony
probation they could search my house and

Do I have to give release of my medical procedure to my
probation office if they requested me to sign

I don’t feel comfortable signing release of medical to my PO.

Medical records access could be important for
monitoring treatment compliance, often ordered when there is a mental health or
addiction issues arise.