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 Orange Book Insights No. 43 (revised Feb. 24, 2024): The Chicken Sandwich Conundrum: Parts is Parts . . . or NotParts may be parts (thinking back to that old Wendy’s commercial where they compared their chicken sandwich made solely from chicken breast meat to their competitor’s chicken sandwich that was allegedly made from various unknown

 Happy Orange Book New Year! Volume 43, Supp. 1 added 41 new patents to the FDA’s Orange Book. That includes three new patents for the current patent listing champ, AUVELITY® which now has 103 patents listed. You can see all of the changes to the Orange Book that occurred in Vol. 43/Supp. 1 by going

First, if you haven’t seen it yet, the USPTO has replaced their old patent search interface of  “Quick Search”, “Advanced Search” and “Patent Number Search” with a new system called Patent Public Search (“PPS)”. The former “Quick Search” is no longer available where you could use a dropdown to select sections of patents to search