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Often, when spouses get divorced, one or both spouses owe debt. Recently someone asked me, “What happens to debt in divorce cases?”

If debt is the separate debt of one spouse, then the court should order that spouse to pay the debt. However, if the debt is marital debt, the court will usually divide the

An increasingly used service in the American court system is “legal ghostwriting.” Legal ghostwriting is the practice where someone represents himself in court, but has a lawyer draft his written pleadings for him. The client signs the legal pleadings himself.

For many clients, legal ghostwriting is less expensive than retaining a lawyer to represent them.

If you’re looking for probate records, you may be asking: Can I find probate records online for free?

In Oklahoma, the answer depends on the county where the probate case was filed. Each county varies as to what records it posts online. In general, the more recently a probate case was filed, the more likely

You have a relative who has passed away, and you wonder if you need to go through probate.

Probate is the process where, after a person dies, the deceased person (the decedent)’s heirs go to court and ask a judge to place the property in the legal ownership of the heirs. Even the simplest probate

The short answer is: A guardianship does override some parental rights, but it does not completely end parental rights.

First, a word about what a guardianship is: A guardianship exists where a person other than a parent has custody of a child. Under Oklahoma law, a court may not grant a guardianship unless both parents