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A group of 505 law professors and faculty have signed a letter that was delivered to the US House Committee on Wednesday, condemning the investigation into Rutgers University Newark Center for Security, Race, and Rights (CSRR) for campus antisemitism. The congressional investigation of Rutgers University began on March 27 by the House Committee on Education and the

Palestine Legal announced on Wednesday that it filed a complaint against the Pritzker School of Law with the U.S. Department of Education for a ‘hostile Anti-Palestinian environment.’ In a news release, the organization said it is representing four Northwestern Law students who alleged they have faced discriminatory practices from fellow students, professors and administrators in

He’s a bit of a polymath, is Ben…. Florida civil-rights attorney Ben Crump has landed a seven-figure deal with Bantam Books for a new ‘crime thriller’ series of fiction books. The protagonist, Beau Lee Cooper, a Black civil rights attorney, tackles cases of “corruption and injustice while celebrating Black love and resilience,” according to an

As usual somewhat light on the details… At an upcoming legislative session, China’s national lawmakers will deliberate on law drafts regarding matters such as college degrees, national defense education, customs duties, and energy security, according to a press conference on Friday. From April 23 to 26, the Standing Committee of the 14th National People’s Congress

The SCMP Law Society president Chan Chak-ming says Beijing pleased with group’s use of simple and plain language to explain legislation to local and overseas audiences He backs independent judiciary to ensure balance between safeguarding national security and protecting human rights Beijing has praised Hong Kong’s biggest lawyer group for its neutrality during the legislation

What a terrible thought ! The SCMP reports Paralegal turned prosecution witness Wayland Chan says Apple Daily founder shared plan to influence foreign governments during meeting in Taipei in January 2020 ‘Jimmy Lai said, according to historical experience, China’s implosion would happen very soon because the Chinese government mobilised many resources to monitor citizens,’ Chan

What with new album an’ all it’s just Taylor, Taylor Taylor at the moment! A professor at Queen’s University is launching a Taylor Swift-themed law course this September to make entertainment law more relatable and relevant for students.  A self-described Swiftie, Mohamed Khimji is also a professor of business law at the Kingston, Ont., university and will

AltaClaro, the leading experiential training platform for lawyers, today announced it has added two key hires to its team: experienced litigator, law professor and legal writing expert Patricia Libby and legal tech marketer Meg McEvoy. These hires reflect AltaClaro’s strategic growth as it enables more AmLaw and National Law Journal-ranked firms to reduce training costs

A little birdie tells us that i-law costs have skyrocketed since the service was taken over by Lloyds list intelligence and clients can’t get any sense out of them at all. Looks like this is heading for the scrapheap fairly quickly